How to grow your

business with seo

Top tactics to get links to your website

As in everything with SEO Services UK to get links to your website, you can either pay or find ways to do it for
free. Although it’s clear that if you don’t spend some money, you’ll find it impossible to obtain links
from powerful sites such as digital media. That being said, here are some key london seo tactics
to use when you want links for your site.
 Publish press releases. There are specialised portals to achieve this, such as PRWeb.
 Exchange links with web pages in your same line of business. Also, there can be some very
important networking with this method.
 Write guest articles and posts. Writing an article in another blog of your same industry,
allows you to get to know the readers of the blog and it is also a good way to relate to other
authors in your sector.
 Write valuable comments in articles and forums. Keep in mind that links of this type are
nofollow. DO NOT do SPAM.
 Linkbaiting. This consists of you or SEO Services London writing articles on your blog that are so good
that they receive links, simply because they deserve it. Writing content of value is essential
and, if you are lucky, you will surely receive some links to this content.
 Buy links or reviews on media.
 Ask for links directly. If you are reading an article and you have written about something
mentioned in that article, this tactic may work, since you receive a link and the author
contributes more value.


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